The Year is Almost Over!

The Year is Almost Over!

  • December 15, 2018
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The year is almost over! So before the New Year tolls, how do want to end this one? “Finish Strong” is a popular tag…how does it apply to you? If you still have some gaps, think about some of these pieces of your life and see if you can gather up some headway to begin the new year in a better way:

1.Take care of the little things that have been bugging you: Got a picture that has needed hanging, batteries in a clock that need replacing, got a flower bed that needs weeding, maybe a room that needs painting or another project that you get reminded with but haven’t gotten around to doing? Little things like this suck up our mental bandwidth and make us feel unfinished.  This is a great time, when you see minor little todo’s, to get them finished. You’ll be surprised how relieved and accomplished you will feel regardless of the importance of the actual task.

2. Fix up your space:  The end of the year is a wonderful time to get rid of all the clutter in your life.  Maybe a time to donate stuff and clear some room to think, or maybe a time to address lingering disappointments or arguments, breaks in relationships and other clutter that fills your mental space. Being free of the junk that holds you back will set you up for success on your plans for next year when you feel mentally, physically and emotionally lighter.

3. Clear up uncertainties: Do you have some questions in the back of your mind that bother you? Do you worry about how the answers may fit or not within your expectations? Ask yourself… I’m not really sure about… so many things may come to mind; most of us have situations in our lives that are murky.  Do I need to…? Can I…? What will happen if…? I don’t want to know but… Could I…? Would I? Should I…? (Known as the “coulda, woulda, shoulda’s”)We often let uncertainties linger, sometimes we believe we will “get over it” or because we’re afraid to find out the answers. Go ahead and get it done. Find out. You’ll feel clearer, and you’ll have a better sense of what to do next.

4. Have critical conversations: Is there something you’ve been carrying around with you and not saying? One way to tell: you’re having the conversation with the person in your head that you need to have out loud. Make an agreement with yourself to figure out how to bring up those difficult issues before year ends – and then do it.

5. Ask for what you want: When you’re having those tough conversations, don’t just complain: request.  For example, a win-win way to clear up an issue,” I know that you need me to take out the trash more often”. I want to do a good job but I get busy with my homework and then I forget. Can you help me with a reminder before you get irritated and then we’ll both be happier?” And once you’ve warmed up by asking for day-to-day things like this, ask for the big things, too: feel like you deserve a wheelbarrow to help move things? Ask for it. You know that thinking about it has been taking up your emotional bandwidth so even if the answer is no for now, you get it off your chest and you can plan accordingly.

End your year strong friends, but if it is out of your hands and you need help, give us a call. We will help. We are here.




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