Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts

  • November 23, 2018
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What a wonderful period of thanksgiving. It gives me time to stop and think about all the blessings we have been offered in this wonderful country. I think of the first group of people who came to this country, many in poverty, sickness, even having escaped from situations of crime and abuse. Still in all, they settled in, they found a way and they made a life for themselves and their children. It probably wasn’t beautiful and romantic. I imagine it was tough work. Starting from scratch is always hard. Adjusting to new climates, new bugs and other pests, literally everything new and different from Europe but they still did it. They had nothing but each other and hope and belief in their mission…and they made it work.

What a lesson for us! Today life is complicated by the blessings of technology, transportation, fast food, and multitudes of people. And yet still, we have been blessed with each other.  We can adjust, we can adjust and escape poverty and crime, and sickness and abuse. How? Because we still have the things they had in those first days of the creation of this country. Many of you have fought for our rights. People you knew and loved have died for us to have what this country gives us. And those of us who remain carry on with hope and belief in our mission.

If you need hope, if you need help and you need a hand in getting your life, your family, your mission back on track, please reach out. We have hope here. We have people with a mission. Our mission is to help you. Let’s get together and create a great New Year!




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